E-mini ES 2018/12/07

Continuation, fBO HOY, SC, 1P, BP, BT, fH2, L2, 1CHBO, 1tF BT

spike & channel, DO NOT buy possible reversals above bars or a HL, they will all eventually fail in a bear CH, take shorts near the CH TL or above swings

if you want to take counter trend trades B below the LOD and scale-in

to break a bear CH bulls need to take out at least TWO LHs (like they did just before the close) – and then we’re only in a TR from which you can have a BO, up OR dn

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 12/06
failed EB for the bulls
they lost conviction after a 10pt BO of HOY – exactly to the tick 🙂
BP from the TRI, TRI are either faded (fBO – green arrow) or traded with a BP (red)