E-mini ES 2018/12/19

Continuation, 1Tail, CXT, bull CH
FOMC report

the largest FOMC bar ever 😉 49 points and a >100 pts sell off afterwards

bulls tried to fade the outside bar twice, but couldn’t close back ABOVE the BO point at 2562 (they were only able to close right at 2562)
so we got a 2nd leg dn

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 12/06
five bars down, so sellers above HOY, scaling in higher
breakout test of the low of last week and the OOW, then a sell off, that went to 4 x IR of 12/12 signal bar, more profit taking by bears there

breakout and close below the L of the year, but an OB, which might attract faders, as well as possible buyers below the low of a large trading range