E-mini ES 2019/02/27 #ES_F #emini #sp500 #spx

Continuation, bull trend attempt, SGP (see 2nd chart),  BT, DB, DP, CXT

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 01/04 (still)
Monday was a reversal signal bar for a stop entry in an expanding triangle (XT ) yesterday is the entry bar for that, a doji bar with no body (bear weakness)
today some disappointed bears bought back their shorts below the entry bar’s low (LOY)
we closed right at the low of the bear signal bar (Monday low), bears might see a breakout test of their signal bar and short lmt C
I’d expect more bears to short above the entry bar

Sellers at yesterday’s shallowest bear trend line
b2 closed a fraction of a tick below and b3/4 is the breakout test of the broken bear trend line, selling pressure (decreasing bodies in a bull spike)
also some sellers at the COY, if you like horizontal levels more