E-mini ES 2019/04/29

Continuation, mDB, bull CH, H3, DB, XT, HH MTR, fBO, MC, 1CHBO

The Reversal Signal Bars indicator, one of our Price Action Indicators, gave an IOI reversal signal pattern at the HOD.

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/29 – now over a month
bulls tried for a FT bar after Friday’s BO bar, but today closed below HOY, a sign of weakness, we missed the bull target for a MM of the XT (MM of the last TR)  by 2t
bear sold above the ATH and probably scaled-in
today is a SB for a WfBO (of the high of a TR) and a stop entry short
(a bull body though)

edit: aggressive bulls B the positive BT gap limit Close