E-mini ES 2019/05/23

Bear gap, below LOY, T1B, 1Tail, fBO, bear CH, H4, H5, L2, 1CHBO

we opened just below support, which became resistance right away and the market started to sell off, b1 was a nice trend attempt bar and a 1Tail setup
the PT at LOD was 3x the IR shorting the b1 close with a lmt order and keeping a bar stop above the high of the bar

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 05/20
the 1st bear BO bar since a while, but stopping right at support, gap close with 05/13 and DB
bulls already BB the HL from last week and will B the close of today with a lmt order (aggressive)
bulls see a DB with the low of last week