E-mini ES 2019/06/07

Bull gap, above HOY, Opening Range, misplaced RVB, 1P, mDB, II, SC, 1W, H3, fH3, 1tF EB

b1 is a possible misplaced RVB at the high of yesterday’s range a TR bar
but after the very strong BO on b2, the fBO signal on b3  is probably too weak, despite being a shaved close RVB
if you take it, you need to look to exit after the failed EB on b4 and the mDB with that on b5

the 1P for the bulls on b4 is also weak and needs some strengthening, which came with the mDB on b5

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 06/04
more BO for the bulls, 4 bars up, expect buyers below the prior bar scaling in lower for at least a 2nd push up


nice buying pressure signals
probably more up
the 3BR doesn’t trigger and gets faded

Buy Sell Pressure indicator