E-mini ES 2019/06/12

Continuation, Opening Range, bear CH, 1CHBO, CXT, WfBO, LL MTR, 1P, mDB, BT, DT, fL2, HL MTR, fL3, DB

I forgot to mark up b1, which is a large doji and forms the opening range
this makes the 1st sell (the 1CHBO) also a BP of the opening range

LOD was a nice point landing on Friday’s close
check out the “Open Gaps from Prior Days indicator from the free indicators section

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 06/04
weak entry bar for the bears and a H1 in a bull trend for the bulls
we closed the gap with Friday

nice strengtheners of all the buy and sell signals
from the Support and Resistance – Breakout Failure Tick indicator