E-mini ES 2019/06/28

Bull gap, above HOY, Opening Range, fBO, TRI, BT, SC, 1Tail

one can see very clear that nice fight starting after lunch for the close of the day

  • we formed a small TRI around the OOD
  • fBO above the TRI, short entry on a mDT
  • 2nd fBO below the TRI and testing the BO point of the SC from the morning forming a ledge
  • bulls B the fBO of that 6 bar ledge, which is also just above the shallowest TL from the day and yesterday
  • smashing the bears 😉 going into the close, but stalling just before the OOW

the last setup occurred three bars before the close
a large FT bar with a prominent tail, which is a setup I call 1Tail, the 1st intra-bar PB after a strong BO
entry is lmt C the FT bar, stop goes at least below the BO bar (here around 6 points)
it’s shaved open is a strengthener, occurring just before the close weakens it a bit

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 06/25
Brs above the H1 SB from yesterday, we closed the gap with Monday

2 Replies to “E-mini ES 2019/06/28”

  1. Yes, true. In hindsight it looks like a perfect MM of the prior TR.
    Buy above the bear RVB and put your stop below the low of the spike (around 10 pts).

  2. Looks like ‘they’ needed to mark up their portfolios for Q2 🙂
    I’ve seen some crazy moves in the last 30 minutes on the last day of the quarter!
    Al Brooks likes to call it “windowdressing” I believe

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