E-mini ES 2019/08/28

Continuation, WfBO LOY, LL MTR, bull MC, 1P, XT, fBO , BT

nice bull trend day, don’t short, buy the 1st trend break
check out, how the the 3BR at LOD looks to a 15min chart trader (further left)

nice risk based MMs from the 3BR at LOD and the 1P
both were hit to the tick

The Buy Sell Pressure indicator showed a lot of buying pressure (decreasing bottom tails and decreasing overlap) during the strong bull micro channel from the LOD. There was also some buying pressure late yesterday.

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 08/23
Buyers below the bull inside bar and another test of the close of that large bear trend bar from last week
looks like a couple more bears took profits near the low of the trading range