E-mini ES 2020/04/30

Bear gap, mid range, fBO, mDB, W, BT, mDT, WfBO, L2, HL MTR, DB

There was a prime Price Action trade to take today. A Breakout Pullback of the LOY. Check out the yellow box on the “naked chart”.

About the Charts

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 04/27

failed BO above the high of last week triggered today, but the Entry Bar (today) has a weak close and is smallish

Here is the “naked” version of today’s chart, with just the indicators applied.

There was a prime PA trade to take today. A Breakout Pullback of the LOY.

There were two small pushes up in that tight MC from the LOD, as well as three exhaustion signals from the Buy Sell Pressure indicator, showing a stall in the bull move. Shrinking bull bodies, sellers on the close of the prior bar and increasing overlap.
You’re now looking for a good bear Signal Bar or a lower high to take a short. Then you get the 1st Pullback in that tight bull MC, which is expected to be bought. After a new extreme of the bull move (the 2nd or 3rd push up) you get that decent bear Inside bar, which is also a Breakout Pullback/Test of the LOY. It’s only overlapped by the prior bar and has a good size body and close.