✔ Automate your Trading! Updated Double Bottom/Top

Benefits of automated trading are obvious. Traders are limited in the number of charts they can monitor at any given moment. Computers can scan several instruments and time frames with a speed incomprehensible to humans, can find setups and execute trades in under a second.

We’ve put together 10+ BloodHound templates to showcase the power of the Price Action Indicators. You can find more information here:

You can call our Price Action Indicators from your own NinjaTrader indicators or strategies as well.


The latest version of the Double Bottom/Top indicator just got an additional setting for sensitivity when detecting micro Double Bottoms/Tops. The range for that goes from 1 to 10.  Higher values give more signals.

The latest indicator package now also includes a chart template for Bitcoin. PA_Indicators_BTC_5min_Last_200

After installing the indicator package into NinjaTrader, the chart template can be used to show signals of the indicators for the Bitcoin future (BTC).


Please, always download the latest version of the Price Action Indicators from the Download page.

If you already had a trial of our indicators and want to check them out again, just drop us an email with your NinjaTrader Machine ID and we set you up for a another trial.

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