2 Replies to “E-mini ES 2021/05/13”

  1. Hi Traderman,
    Thanks for your kind words. I saw the strong 1st bar of the day as a “mini” trend by itself, breaking above the last major LH from yesterday (4085).
    One also could argue a failed 2nd failed breakout of b1. Most important were the two failed attempts by the bears to reverse the strong b1. Another entry would have been to just B above the failed micro double top.
    I just saw, that I also missed to label the “W, mDB” as a HL MTR for the trend from yesterday.
    Cheers Thomas

  2. Hello Thomas, thank you for the website. I have very much so enjoyed learning and following you!

    Can you explain why that was a 1st pb fL2? I don’t see how price was trending there, it seems like it still had not broken out yet of B1. I thought it was a 2fb1 long entry instead? It failed to close the gap, so I went long on the fL2.

    Thank you!

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