4 Replies to “E-mini ES 2021/05/17”

  1. Hi, I saw b1 as a weak RVB (body = entry side tail) or TR. B2 is a very strong BO, but no FT bar on b3. One can also use the term Opening Reversal (I think Al would).
    By 13:30 do you mean the OB variant on b14?

  2. Hi Marcos,
    Yes about b9, but the entry is pretty high, bulls were BB swing lows and already PT a bit further up, better to take a DP, a HL.
    Same applies to the 31 mDB, too far up already (there might be Srs already at the 28H) and no trend termination (no LH was taken out) from the 1CHBO (b11).
    I’ve attached a chart, how I look for targets. 1x or 2x initial risk of a SB (when that can make sense) or swing stop multiples.
    Beware of the faders try to trap us right before round number targets 😉

  3. Hello Thomas!
    On the fBO OR BT, why is that considered a failed BO and not a short reversal? b2 had successfully BO of b1 it seems to me (strong close and more than half of the bar outside of b1)
    Also, can you give your thoughts on why 13:30 entry bar was not a LL MTR entry? Looks like you didn’t take that trade.

    Thank you! loving the blog!

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