E-mini ES 2019/06/20

Bull gap, above HOY, TRI, 1P, fEB, BP TRI, bear CH, mTT, fBO, mDB, mW

a bear CH ends in two ways:

  • a bull BO, that takes out the last two lower highs
  • a bear BO (acceleration)  and failure (like today, a fBO testing the HOY)

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 06/04
bears see a DT with the ATH and probably sell the Close

E-mini ES 2019/06/18

Bull gap, above HOY, T1B, DT, fBO, fH2, TRI, BP TRI, mDT, XT

b2 is a very strong Trend Attempt (TA)
off of support and breaking a resistance by several points
decent size, shaved Open, very small entry side tail
a high probability trade, if using a bar stop and going for 1x IR
draw a MM immediately to figure out your target, as computers do that too 🙂

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 06/04
BO bar, but taily and just below the ATH
wait for FOMC tomorrow


E-mini ES 2019/03/15 #ES_F #emini #sp500 #spx

Bull gap, mid range, opening range, 1P, BT, TRI, BP TRI, fEB, mDB, DB, bear CH, II
there was a bear CH from HOD, I didn’t mark that up

can see nicely how bears took profits after the double bottom just before the  cash index close, the large 2BR
after the cash index closed above last week, as a breakout bar, bears took final profits at the high of last week (yellow box)

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/12
the bear signal bar triggered on the wrong side
more up and close above last weeks H
we missed the trend channel line (purple box) of the expanding triangle by a whisker (two or three ticks)
I expect that to be hit before we see bears show up again


E-mini ES 2019/03/14 #ES_F #emini #sp500 #spx

Continuation, opening range, 1fBO, 2fBO, fBO, TRI, BP TRI, bear CH, 1IB, L2, DT
small trading range day
can see nicely scalpers taking profit at R=2 from obvious entries (yellow boxes)

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/12
possible expanding triangle (XT)
bear gap + sellers at the COY – bulls taking profits at the highest close in a spike
bears got a signal bar for a stop entry short