Hello there, I’m Thomas Deutschmann,  founder of PriceActionIndicators.com. I am a former entrepreneur and graduate engineer, but trading and programming became my passion. Being a pure Price Action Trader I use Trend Analysis to day trade Futures (ES and CL) on a 5-minute chart.

Over ten years ago I started trading Forex with Metatrader on 1h and 4h charts.  Soon I discovered, that using all those squiggly lines on my chart kept me from seeing the obvious in front of me – Price Action.

Then I came across Al Brooks 1st book   Reading Price Charts Bar by Bar

Soon after reading Al’s book, I realized, that I need to program my own indicators, as there were no indicators, that were using a pure Price Action approach. Having used Metatrader to program Expert Advisors, I started using NinjaTrader, because it offered far superior programming flexibility (C#) and the support of multiple charting types.

I would be nowhere near to where I am today without the help of other veteran traders. Many thanks to Cad from the blog Nine Transitions, who I spend countless hours with trading the ES and CL.