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Automated Trading – Signal Bar Breakout Failure (NT 8)


Only the NinjaTrader 8 version of the Signal Bar Breakout Failure indicator is compatible with BloodHound from SharkIndicators . You can call it as well from your own NinjaTrader indicators or strategies. It exposes the following data series:

Data Series/Plot Type Description
Tick_Failure_Bear_Indication <Boolean> indicates a Signal Bar Breakout Failure to the upside
(a bearish signal)
Tick_Failure_Bull_Indication <Boolean> indicates a Signal Bar Breakout Failure to the downside
(a bullish signal)


Only the “plain” signals (without the entry methods) can be accessed from BloodHound:

Indicator Setting Description
xTF Signal Bar Tick Breakout Failure in ticks
showEBOnly Show Tick Breakout Failure only on the Entry Bar (the bar after the Signal Bar)
showOLD not used in BloodHound
showPriorBar not used in BloodHound
show_Entry_Method not used in BloodHound

All other settings like e.g. ShowLast200, ShowAlert, SoundFile and all settings for the text or graphics aren’t used by BloodHound.

more on Signal Bar Breakout Failures


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BloodHound Templates


Calling PASignalBarBreakoutFailureTick from a Custom indicator or strategy

Please, always download the latest version of the Price Action Indicators from the Download page.
PASignalBarBreakoutFailureTick has two properties (please see also the settings on the indicator page):

int xTF
bool showEBOnly

example how to call from your indicator or strategy:

if (PASignalBarBreakoutFailureTick(21, false).Tick_Failure_Bull_Indication[0]) BackBrushes[0] = bull_Color;
if (PASignalBarBreakoutFailureTick(21, false).Tick_Failure_Bear_Indication[0]) BackBrushes[0] = bear_Color;

NinjScript source code

ExampleForPAI.cs (download) is a small NinjScript source code file, that has a couple of examples in it how to call the Price Action Indicators from another indicator or strategy. If the file is displayed in the browser window you need to right click “Save link as”.
The file needs to be copied to the following folder. …\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom\PriceActionIndicators\

Please contact us for more examples or questions.


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