E-mini ES 2019/08/19

Bull gap, above HOY, mDT, 1W, mW, bull CH, fL1, 1CHBO, WfBO, BT, fH2, XT
I forgot to label the bull CH from LOD
Brs at the daily EMA and Srs at the gap close

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since today (but weak BO+FT)
FT for yesterday’s BO bar (Entry Bar from the Double Bottom)
another gap close (we had three the last couple of days)
check out the daily inset


E-mini ES 2019/08/15

Continuation, Opening Range, shallowest trend lines from yesterday, fBO, DT, DP, DB, L2, WfBO, TCLOS, mDB, BP, BT
TR day, but nice range

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 08/14
Double Bottom with the low of last week, an okay Signal Bar for the bulls
probably buyers above


E-mini ES 2019/08/14

Bear gap, mid range, bear CH, 1IB, 1W, fL1, L2, 1CHBO, BT, DB

b8 can be a Signal Bar for a 1W (b1, b4 and b8 – although I’d say we’re in a bear CH at that time and reversals probably fail)
b8 triggered on the wrong side, which makes it a TR bar
then bulls BB b8 (on b9 to b11) and bears SA b8 on b13

the 1CHBO (with nice selling pressure at the 2nd entry) at lunch time is another nice example, not to expect a bear CH turn into a  bull trend too soon, read more here

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today
BO below the mDT/DT, but no BO below the low of last week
aggressive bulls probably B the close and scale-in lower (strong close near the low of a possible TR can mean bear exhaustion)