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Day Trading Support/Resistance

As a Day Trader horizontal Support and Resistance from the current and prior day are your main concern.
The indicator shows:
> Open/High/Low of today
> High/Low/Close of yesterday
> Open of the week (if price is close, it often becomes a magnet on Friday’s)
Open Gaps from Prior Days
On instruments with RTH (regular trading hours) you often have gaps on a chart, that stay open for more than a day. Read more here:
Gaps from prior Days

“Hi Thomas, thank you for the work you have developed.
I have downloaded all of your indicators, trial and free
and started to get a feel for them one by one.” Great stuff!
 Paul C.

Yesterday’s shallowest Trend Lines
As a Day Trader horizontal Support and Resistance from the current and prior day are your main concern.
Add the shallowest Trend Lines from the prior day and you’re set.
Read more here:
Yesterday’s shallowest trend lines, be sure to draw them
Simple AlwaysIn EMA
Shows Always In direction using the number of recent bar closes above or below the EMA – a squiggly line, but with a different approach 😉
A trader preferably should be looking to enter the market in that direction only.
EMA period
>  Lookback period for number of closes above/below the EMA
>  Percentage of bars to close above/below the EMA in that lookback period
Green plot means bullish market sentiment
Red plot means bearish market sentiment
Gray plot means neutral market sentiment
Show Bid/Ask
Watch the Bid/Ask spread with Bid/Ask sizes on your chart. A large imbalance on the Bid/Ask sizes might help to see, if a support or resistance still plays a role or some profit taking is taking place.

Because of the increasing thickness of the lines, one can see an imbalance immediately.


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