Download Price Action Indicators

All of our paid Price Action Indicators are distributed in one package.

This package also includes the following chart templates:

PA_Indicators_ES_5min_Last_200 (Trading Hours: CME US Index Futures RTH)
PA_Indicators_NQ_5min_Last_200 (Trading Hours: CME US Index Futures RTH)
PA_Indicators_CL_5min_Last_200 (Trading Hours: Use Instrument Settings)
PA_Indicators_6E_5min_Last_200 (Trading Hours: Use Instrument Settings)
PA_Indicators_BTC_5min_Last_200 (Trading Hours: Use Instrument Settings)

After installing the indicator package into NinjaTrader, these chart templates can be used to show signals from the Price Action Indicators for the above markets.
Right click in the chart window -> Templates -> Load

Download a 20 day trial version

(Download the indicators and install them. Once you attach them to a chart the 20 day trial starts.)

Download for NinjaTrader 7  (how to install, see here for help)
Download for NinjaTrader 8  (how to install, see here for help)

⇒ Please install the True Type Font for the Buy Sell Pressure indicator to show the correct icons. ⇐
Download True Type font .zip file  (how to install, see here for help)
DO NOT install the True Type font into NinjaTrader (this will not work), please read the instructions!

All of our free Price Action Indicators are distributed in one package.

Download free indicators NinjaTrader 7 (how to install, see here for help)
Download free indicators NinjaTrader 8 (how to install, see here for help)

What are the names of the indicators?

All Price Action indicators (free & paid for) have names starting with PA***.
You can find them here: Price Action Indicators

The other indicators are helper indicators, but can be used on their own as well (e.g. BloodHound) or within your own code. If used on a chart, they plot as a histogram.


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