Download Price Action Indicators

All of our paid Price Action Indicators are distributed in one package.

This package also includes the following chart templates:


After installing the indicator package into NinjaTrader, the chart templates can be used to show signals of the indicators for these markets.

Download a 20 day trial version

(Download the indicators and install them. Once you attach them to a chart the 20 day trial starts.)

Download for NinjaTrader 7  (how to install, see here for help)
Download for NinjaTrader 8  (how to install, see here for help)

⇒ Please install the True Type Font for the Buy Sell Pressure indicator to show the correct icons. ⇐

Download True Type font .zip file  (how to install, see here for help)

⇒ Additional sound files to use as NinjaTrader alert sounds. ⇐

Download Sound file .zip file  (NT 7/8 – how to install, see here for help)

All of our free Price Action Indicators are distributed in one package.

Download free indicators NinjaTrader 7
Download free indicators NinjaTrader 8

(how to install, see here for help)

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