Price Action Indicators on E-mini 5 min chart

Price Action Indicators – forget squiggly lines!

Analyzing bar charts in such detail is a new approach to Price Action Trading. Our portfolio of indicators is meant to support a Price Action trading style. Keeping the market context (Trend, Trading Range or Reversal) in mind, you can use our knowledge to find high probability entries.

Whether you scalp or swing trade, our indicators can show you high probability setups for your trading style. Most of our NinjaTrader 8 indicators can be used for Automated Trading as well.

You can use our indicators on any instrument and time frame, also range, tick, volume, reversal and many other types of charts. They probably need to be tweaked especially to the “personality” and time frame of the instrument you’re trading.

Confluence is very important in trading and means to have several (at least two) reasons to take a trade. Your 1st reason can be a Reversal Signal Bar and your 2nd reason can be e.g. Support/Resistance, a trend line overshoot, Buying/Selling pressure, Tick Failure Breakouts and many more.

” I can’t thank you enough for all the great work you have done
(and are continuing to do with the updates) on the entire suite of
PA indicators you offer. These tools are the only thing I use in my
trading nowadays after years of having tried every imaginable
combo of squiggly lines!
Anyone believing that PA is the way should have these indis on their
chart imo!  Your recaps on your site rock as well!” – Samir



Trend & Reversal

Buy Sell Pressure
Automated Trading in NT 8

Reversal Signal Bars
Automated Trading in NT 8

Simple AlwaysIn EMA
Automated Trading, Free to Use

Support & Resistance

Double Bottom/Top (NT 8 only)
Automated Trading in NT 8
Breakout Test
Automated Trading in NT 8

Breakout Failure
Automated Trading in NT 8

Day Trading S/R
Free to Use
Trend Lines from Yesterday
Free to Use
Gaps from Prior Days
Free to Use

Signal Bar

SB Breakout Failure

SB Breakout Test

Other Indicators

Show Bid/Ask Size
Free to Use

5 min Crude Oil Future chart with Price Action Indicators

Check out our E-mini Blog, we use Price Action Indicators in our daily trading.


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