E-mini ES 2022/03/07

Continuation, T1B, 1Tail, mW, bear CH, CXT, W, fBO, DB, DT, BT, 2E

daily chart
Always In Short

Friday’s H2 Signal Bar for the bulls triggered on the wrong side
it became a breakout pullback from Thursday’s L2
today is a strong BO from that L2


E-mini ES 2021/05/04

Bear gap below LOY, T1B, 1Tail, L2, bear SC, W, mDB, BT

strong Close 15min bear trend bar, sell below

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today

Weak Entry Bar for yesterday’s sell signal
Bulls buy a 1xMM of the micro double top and at the daily EMA

E-mini ES 2020/10/19

Bull gap, mid range, BT, 1Tail, 1P, L2, WfBO

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today

decent Entry Bar for Friday’s sell Signal Bar, but cannot close back into the September trading range, a Breakout Test of the high of that TR