E-mini ES 2021/03/31

Continuation, T1B, H2, mW, DB, H1, BT, W, DT, Dp, fBO, mDT

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/26

Failed Breakout of the ATH, but bull body
Bulls see a poss. breakout pullback buy (limit Close trade)

E-mini ES 2021/03/29

Continuation, mDT, DP, bear SC, 1CHBO, W, fBO, W1P, BT, HL MTR, WfBO

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/26

Follow Through after entry bar, but no Close above the ATH
Bears see a poss. mDT

E-mini ES 2021/03/08

Continuation, bull CH, CXT, BT, H2, W, mDT, WfBO, DT, L2

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 02/22

failed Bull Entry Bar, Lower high and stop entry short for bears tomorrow