E-mini ES 2021/09/10

Bull gap mid range, T1B, 1P, L2, WfBO, DT, FF

Sell below the 1st 15 min bar, which is a strong bear reversal bar

the 60min ETH chart has a double top and the HOD tested it’s neckline
now we’re at 2x initial risk, if a bear short on a break below the neckline and has the height of the pattern as initial risk, we might see some profit taking soon

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 09/07

Possible sell climax
Close just above the bull trendline from the Corona low


E-mini ES 2021/09/02

Bull gap, above HOY, fBO, mW, LH MTR, bear CH, CXT, FF, mDB, BT, DT, L2, fL2, HL MTR

pretty clean PA in the 2nd half of the day, like the last couple of days

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 08/23

yesterday’s micro double top triggered on the wrong side
the bull MC continues


E-mini ES 2021/06/18

Bear gap, below LOY, Opening Range, 1fBO, bear CH, 1CHBO, W, W1P, DB, FF, fBO, fH2, DT, DB MTR

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today

Breakout below major HL and the bull TL from the Covid low
50% pullback in the trading range since April


E-mini ES 2021/05/20

Continuation, T1B, bull MC, 1TL, CXT, BX, fBO, mW, FF, bull CH, 1CHBO, HH MTR

Brs above the 1st 60min bar, a strong trend bar

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 05/10

Entry Bar for yesterday’s DB, close could be stronger