E-mini ES 2019/09/20

Continuation, Opening Range, fBO, fH2, bear CH, CXT, WfBO, L2, 1CHBO, TRI, SX, fL2, 1tF EB, BT

bears had a decent sell off just after lunch, but some die hard bulls trapped them just above the IR=1 target (see MM on 5 min chart)

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 08/29
a decent Entry Bar for yesterday’s bear RVB
still AIL though

E-mini ES 2019/09/16

Bear gap, below LOY, Opening Range, 1W, mDT, 1tF EB, DT, WfBO, XT

small TR day
the 1st 15 min bar of the day was the Opening Range, we had SA and BB

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 08/29
Friday’s bear Signal Bar triggered short
but today closed as a weak Entry Bar for the bears

E-mini ES 2019/09/11

Continuation, 1P, BT, 1tF EB, 1tF BT, SHS, BP, DB, FF

another test (bars 1, 2) of the neckline from the daily double top (2975.75)
one can also see very nice, how bulls B the BO above Monday high and PT at 4 and 6 pts
later there was a breakout test of the Monday high and bull resumption into the close

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 08/29
decent BO bar from yesterday’s failed bear Entry Bar
more up

E-mini ES 2019/08/23

Bear gap, mid range, Opening Range, 1fBO, 1tF EB, BT, 1W, DT, W1P, SC, bear CH, mDT, L2

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today
we closed the gap with the 08/15 close
bear Trend Bar closing near the low of last weeks range
three OL bars on the weekly chart, probably BB

it doesn’t get any better than that on the Opening Range
the 1st 15 min bar of the day is a trading range bar, Buyers Below (BB) and Sellers Above (SA)
then there is a Breakout Test of the High of the Opening Range (red circle)
the 1st 60 min bar of the day is a trading range bar too, Sellers Above (SA)

The Reversal Signal Bars indicator, one of our Price Action Indicators, gave two RVB signals, one below the Opening Range and one at the HOD.