E-mini ES 2021/05/20

Continuation, T1B, bull MC, 1TL, CXT, BX, fBO, mW, FF, bull CH, 1CHBO, HH MTR

Brs above the 1st 60min bar, a strong trend bar

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 05/10

Entry Bar for yesterday’s DB, close could be stronger


E-mini ES 2021/04/23

Continuation, 1P, H2, mDB, BP TRI, H2, W, BX, WfBO, SX

One can see nicely the bullish pressure increasing from the OOD on
the 1st 5, 15, 30 and 60 bar is a bull trend bar
compare to Wednesday 🙂

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 04/20

Bulls bought the bear close near the low of the trading range (the small DB) and took profits above the ATH, bears shorted above that

E-mini ES 2021/04/20

Bear gap, mid range, Opening Range, 1fBO, mW, L2, bear CH, 1CHBO, mDT, W, BX, fBO, DB, HL MTR

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today

Follow Through but weak close and buyers below the last higher low (Wednesday’s Outside Bar)
Bulls have a small DB