E-mini ES 2019/10/08

Bear gap. below LOY, Opening Range, DB, L2, DP, L3, fBO, LL MTR, fL2, BT, fH2, DT

E-mini S&P 500 Future 5 min chart (trend lines, arrows and boxed text drawn by hand)

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 09/24
Entry Bar for yesterday’s L1

E-mini ES 2019/08/28

Continuation, WfBO LOY, LL MTR, bull MC, 1P, XT, fBO , BT

nice bull trend day, don’t short, buy the 1st trend break
check out, how the the 3BR at LOD looks to a 15min chart trader (further left)

nice risk based MMs from the 3BR at LOD and the 1P
both were hit to the tick

The Buy Sell Pressure indicator showed a lot of buying pressure during the strong bull micro channel from the LOD.

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 08/23
Buyers below the bull inside bar and another test of the close of that large bear trend bar from last week
looks like a couple more bears took profits near the low of the trading range

E-mini ES 2019/07/23

Bull gap, above HOY, bear MC, inv. SHS, HL MTR, XT, LL MTR, DB, DP, 1P, BP, SC
bulls draw a Fib from the H of b1 on the 5min chart to the Friday low and B the 38% PB (see daily inset)

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 07/17
the DB triggered above HOY, the EB didn’t make it above Friday’s high
this is the 2nd open gap, yesterday was the 1st

E-mini ES 2019/07/17

Continuation, bear CH, mDT, DT, BP, BT, XT, WfBO, LL MTR

be careful trading a possible LL MTR in a bear CH (two attempts of that failed today)
better is to wait for a strong trend attempt off of the LL MTR and take a 1P

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since today
Srs at COY, and below LOY, like I mentioned yesterday
decent EB for the bears
already filled initial risk (IR) to reward =1 (2987.50), if you took a SE below LOY and kept your stop above the high of the 3BR