How I draw Trend Lines

I always use the Highs or Lows of bars and snap the Trend Line (TL) to it (you should be very exact with that too).
check out how precise computers buy a mTL

Only on micro Double Top/Bottom (mDT/mDB) I use some discretion to draw micro Trend Lines (mTL) or TLs.

E-mini 5 min RTH chart from 2017/01/12

Trend Channel Lines (TCL) should not be used for initiating trades, just for taking profits, unless you want to trade counter trend, know exactly what you’re doing 😉 and are prepared to use a scale-in approach.

I didn’t draw any Channel Lines, despite the obvious Spike & Channel from the failed L2 (fL2) to show one can trade without them and just use the shallowest TL


here is some more info on how to trade using trend lines

trend acceleration: