E-mini ES 2019/05/02

Continuation, MC, DT, fH2, DP, BP, BT, mDT, DBH2, HL MTR

after the DB at the daily EMA we got a strong break beyond the bear TL and break of a LH, then the HL MTR, see also Reversals

The Reversal Signal Bars indicator, gave a nice RVB for the HL MTR. The Buy Sell Pressure indicator also gave a couple of nice Exhaustion signals, as well as a Momentum signal after the break of LOY.

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/29 – now over a month
bulls defended the last prominent HL (04/25) – a close below would have switched to AIS
bear shorted the COY and took profits at 2xMM of their actual risk (the number of points measured, that a trade went negative)