E-mini ES 2019/05/16

Bull gap, mid range, T1B, mDB, SC, CXT, HH MTR, MC, BT, fBO

don’t try to go counter trend on a T1B too early and without a good support/resistance – stay with trend
MMs of obvious trades to take can be a guidance, if you missed the boat and wan’t to get into a counter trend trade (better, to wait for a trend break)

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 05/15
Follow through for the bulls, but stalled right at resistance, just above a LH (05/10)  and BT of the 05/06 HL
bears S lmt C and going to S more above the high of today’s bar

E-mini ES 2019/05/02

Continuation, MC, DT, fH2, DP, BP, BT, mDT, DBH2, HL MTR

after the DB at the daily EMA we got a strong break beyond the bear TL and break of a LH, then the HL MTR, see also Reversals

The Reversal Signal Bars indicator, gave a nice RVB for the HL MTR. The Buy Sell Pressure indicator also gave a couple of nice Exhaustion signals, as well as a Momentum signal after the break of LOY.

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/29 – now over a month
bulls defended the last prominent HL (04/25) – a close below would have switched to AIS
bear shorted the COY and took profits at 2xMM of their actual risk (the number of points measured, that a trade went negative)

E-mini ES 2019/04/30

Continuation, SC, 2SP, SX, MC, fEB, BT, CXT, fL2, 1tF BT, H2, H4
the large OL just after the open probably acted as a FF

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/29 – now over a month
failed EB for the bears and almost outside up
probably going higher, 3k here we come 🙂

E-mini ES 2019/04/29

Continuation, mDB, bull CH, H3, DB, XT, HH MTR, fBO, MC, 1CHBO

The Reversal Signal Bars indicator, one of our Price Action Indicators, gave an IOI reversal signal pattern at the HOD.

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 03/29 – now over a month
bulls tried for a FT bar after Friday’s BO bar, but today closed below HOY, a sign of weakness, we missed the bull target for a MM of the XT (MM of the last TR)  by 2t
bear sold above the ATH and probably scaled-in
today is a SB for a WfBO (of the high of a TR) and a stop entry short
(a bull body though)

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E-mini ES 2019/03/29 #ES_F #emini #sp500 #spx

Bull gap, above HOY, fBO, bear CH, MC, CXT, BT, 1P, XT, fL2

the XT around 17:20 starts the bull CH in the SC from the LOD
small trading range day

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since today
the 2nd entry buy for the bulls triggered
profit taking at the highest bull close of the earlier spike (03/18 close)