E-mini ES 2019/05/14

Bull gap, mid range, DB, 1P, XT, bull CH, XT, BP, mW, DT, DP, 2E

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 05/07
Yesterday we trapped out a couple of bulls, who had stops below the SB for the 2E on the daily chart (03/28)
today aggressive bulls B that possible exhaustion/oversold scenario

In one of our recent posts Yesterday’s shallowest trend lines, be sure to draw them we showed, how the shallowest trend lines from yesterday’ can influence the price action of the current day.

Today is another nice example of how to use the shallowest trend lines of the prior day to trade the price action of the current day. A bull gap and a breakout test of the broken shallowest bear trend line from yesterday setup a nice 1st pullback trade with a risk reward of around 2.

We’ve added the “Yesterday’s shallowest Trend Lines” indicator to our portfolio of free indicators. Check out our free indicators section.