E-mini ES 2019/07/16

Continuation, DT, LH MTR, 1P, XT, L2, L3, DB, DP
shallowest trend lines from yesterday

compare the bull signal bars after the open with that bear SB at yesterday’s shallowest bear TL, that was the 1st decent stop entry of the day, not much overlap too

daily chart
Always In Long (AIL) since 07/01
Srs at COY, as expected, bears now have a 3BR
we also went below Friday low (the bull bar of the 3BR)
aggressive bears short that lmt C
although bulls managed to keep bears from closing that gap with Tuesday last week

we missed the MM of the last PB (blue line, yellow arrow) by 1t
a decent bear BO bar would switch the market to AIS