Multi-Bar Reversals for the Reversal Signal Bars Indicator

PAReversalSignalBars for NT 8 

Multi-Bar Reversals (MBR) are reversals, where the market tries to reverse over the course of a couple of bars. For a bull reversal there is often a strong bear breakout followed by a strong bull breakout. Often there are a couple of pause bars in between the two breakouts or each breakout can be spread over several bars. It is best if the reversal up is bigger than the sell off down.
Sometimes there is a reversal bar or pattern (a two or three bar reversal) on a higher time frame, e.g. the 30 min chart for a multi-bar reversal that takes place during six bars on the 5 min trading chart.

Entries on a MBR should be taken with some discretion though. If the MBR is large it is better to take a pullback entry. Advanced entry strategies are to BB and SA with a Signal Bar or with limit orders.

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