The Opening Range

When you get bar 1 and bar 2 in opposite directions, you can assume this is probably the Opening Range.

If bar 1 is a large taily bar it is probably the Opening Range.

When bar 2 is an Outside Bar it is probably the Opening Range too.
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A misplaced Reversal Bar (e.g. a bull RVB at the high of yesterday’s range or a bear RVB at the low of it) can be the Opening Range as well.

Look for a failed Breakout (if the OR is large enough) or a Breakout Pullback of the Opening Range.

You can also look for limit trades

  • Buy Below or Sell above (BB/SA) the extremes of the Opening Range or Higher Lows, Lower Highs within that
  • Buy the Low or Sell the High of a Swing or the extreme of the Opening Range (creating DB/DT or mDB/mDT)
  • Buy or Sell closes near the extremes of the Opening Range
E-mini 5 min RTH chart from 2018/08/17

On this day the Three Bar Reversal (3BR), that created a Wedge failed Breakout (a three push move) of the Opening Range, was the origin of a trend, that last all day.

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