E-mini ES 2018/12/10

Continuation, bear CH, IB2, 1IB, L2, L3, SA, BT, SC, XT, CXT, 1tF EB

there was a poss. bear CH from the last swing of Y
b1 today made a LL (below b76 Y) and set the direction for that CH
this makes b2 the 1st IB in that CH, it’s a mDT with b1
b3 is a DP on a lower time frame

daily chart
Always In Short (AIS) since 12/06
we need to Close above Friday last week to become Always In Long (AIL)

2nd fBO of the TRI, a 60pt bull RVB (needs to trigger)
it’s overlapped by the last couple of bars and the last swing though