2 Replies to “E-mini ES 2021/05/14”

  1. Hi Traderman,
    1P is a 1st pullback after a trend attempt. Here I saw the bull gap + b1 as that and bought above b3 (a very strong 15 min trend bar).
    I also fixed that typo in the post, which was saying 30 min instead of 15 min.
    B2 is a variant of a 1P, because it’s not a real PB, only a pause bar (it’s low isn’t below the low of b1).
    If you’re more aggressive you can see b1 as a 1st tail (1Tail, also a kind of a 1P) after strong trend or BO (the gap) which is by itself a lmt close buy (buy b1 lmt C).
    Since we didn’t respect the daily EMA on the move down I wasn’t using that as a resistance anymore (which is often the case in a trading range).
    Your welcome

  2. Hello Thomas, can you direct me to where I can read information on the 1P var? Or some explanations on that? I didn’t see that setup, especially considering it was right below the daily EMA (of course it was also a large gap up with the b1 closing above its midpoint, not sure if you consider that a trend bar or not). I haven’t been able to find information on it anywhere. Thank you!

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